Before we paddle, we need you to agree to a few Ts & Cs

I understand and acknowledge that surf activities are dangerous and that there are inherent risks which may result in serious injury to myself/ my child(ren). I understand that Ballito Surf School will take all reasonable possible care but will not be held liable for any loss or injury. Additionally, I acknowledge that the ocean/ waves can act in a sudden and unpredictable way.

I declare that I/ my child(ren) are confident in my/ child(ren’s) own swimming ability. And If I/ my child(ren) am not then I/my child(ren) will inform the surf instructor.

I declare that I/ my child(ren) do not have any medical or physical conditions that would affect my/ my child(ren’s) participation in the activity (please advise the instructor of asthma, broken bones, dislocated joints, diabetes, allergic reactions, contact lenses and hearing aids).

I agree not to drink alcohol or take prohibited drugs before or during the surf lesson/ activities.

I understand that my signature to this document constitutes a complete and unconditional release of liability of the proprietors of the surf school and its employees to the greatest extent allowed by the law in the event of me and/ my child(ren) suffering any injury or death.

I authorise Ballito Surf School to arrange medical or hospital treatment as necessary and I agree to pay for all associated costs.

I agree that Ballito Surf School retains the rights to utilise images of my participants in the event for the purpose of promoting Ballito Surf School programs and events.

* by completing the below form, you agree to the above terms

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